A little beat up, but mostly smiling.

Well today was the day that I decided to start cold calling a bunch of outdoor companies to see if I could obtain sponsorships or get some donations to help me be able to do this trip and I’m feeling a bit like this picture: a little beat up, but mostly smiling.

As I was perusing through my pictures to see which one to post, I’m glad I found this one, because I thought, what better analogy than the old “riding a bike” one. This picture was from my very first time back on my mountain bike after only a few very novice rides years ago and I crashed hard. In fact, I would have had to get numerous stitches in my left arm if it weren’t for my friend Elizabeth’s amazing steri-strip application. But even though it hurt like hell, was a scary experience, and cost me some money in the emergency room getting x-rays, I was still able to walk myself off of the trail and now have an even stronger desire to mountain bike.

Today was frustrating. I called 11 different companies, sent emails, and came up completely bloody- yes, the opposite of dry, but I’m going to stick with one analogy here. But I have to remember that this is my very first experience with something I know absolutely nothing about, so much so that I don’t even know what to call it when I talk to people on the phone. I end up just kind of stumbling my way through the request as in “I’m hoping you might be able to sponsor me, or donate some equipment, or something, indistinct mumbling…”

So even though there were quite a few “no’s” today, I have to remember to pick myself up, dust off the dirt, and live my old biking, skiing, climbing, life adage of “If you’re not falling, you’re not trying” and know that there are other trails out there.

Here’s to new trails and “yes’s”!


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